Universal Glue/Super SBS All-purpose General Adhesive Glue

Product features:

1. Material: copolymerized from a variety of high quality resins

2. Appearance: light yellow liquid.

3. Suitable for hand smear, strong stickiness, stable nature.

4. Application: widely used in metal and cloth, plastic and plastic, glass and metal, all kinds of rubber, plastic sheet, wood, leather, plush, Yew, hard PVC and metal, etc.Not suitable for soft PVC, PS foam polyethylene and polypropylene.

Products Details

5. Usage:

(1) pretreatment: first clean the bonding surface.Stir the glue well.

(2) sizing: sizing on the two paste surfaces, glue drying 10 ~ 20 points.

(3) curing: paste after pressing for a period of time.Pay attention to ventilation.

(4) After taking the glue, seal it in time to avoid drying and skin, which will affect the use of subsequent glue.


Product name universal adhesive

The SBS model

Capacity multiple specifications

The exterior color is light yellow

Curing amount 45% or higher

Brands have to match

Viscosity (mPa ·s) 5000

PH 6-7

Curing time more than 2 minutes

Shelf life is 12 months

Product Parameters  
type:SBS Viscosity:5000MPA·S
Specifications:0.125L,600ML,15L  PH:6-7
Color: light yellow Curing time2min
Solid content:≥45% Shelf life12 months 
Other instructions: sealed, stored in a cool, ventilated, dry place, away from heat sources
  Specifications    0.125L,600ML,15L   Features Strong initial and final adhesion (high density of colloidal silk bridge during construction to ensure high and mild final viscosity) Good durability (use stronger rubber ring to ensure longer service life)   Scope of application: Mainly used in the bonding of metal and cloth, plastic and plastic, glass and metal, various rubber, plastic sheet, wood, leather, plush, cork, rigid PVC and metal. Not suitable for flexible PVC, PS foam, polyethylene. Common examples: home decoration, soft decoration materials, insulation sponges, aluminum-plastic panels, insulation nails, rubber seals, leather, packaging boxes, etc. Precautions: 1. Please mix the glue evenly before use; 2. Please seal the lid after use; 3. Ensure that the working space is well ventilated and the relative air humidity is less than 80%; 4. The suitable construction temperature is 20-30% . If the environment exceeds the applicable range, please seek technical advice. The higher the relative air humidity, the lower the temperature and the longer the waiting time; 5. Spill the glue with cotton cloth and gasoline; 6, must be placed out of reach of children; 7.storage and transportation should be higher than 5 , if there is a frozen glue you can slowly warm it to the normal construction temperature, and constant temperature for 24 hours, can be fully stirred; The white precipitate in the product is a metal oxide, which plays a stabilizing role in the product and does not affect the stickness of the glue.

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