A+ type high solid white glue wireless binding book invoice glue solidification transparent repair glue book glue 680ml

1.Glue and water density is different, 1 litre is   not equal to 1 kg, please see before buying 2.Glue storage temperature below zero will   affect the use of the effect, before buying to confirm the local temperature

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Product features 1.Strong adhesion; 2.Transparent film forming; 3.Good water solubility; 4.Easy cleaning; 5.It is easy to operate   Problems that can be solved High solid white glue is made of vinyl acetate monomer by polymerization reaction under the action of initiator. It has strong adhesion and stable properties. It is used in printing industry, furniture repair, paper sticking, handcraft cloth, wood processing.   Why choose us? Care for family and yourself, from the beginning of the decoration, the product has high solid content, bonding effect is better, after curing into transparent, does not affect the external appearance, easy to besmear to brush, construction performance improve work efficiency, save time and effort, with water as dispersion medium, glue water a few clean, complete product specifications, variety, meet your different needs
Solid content 45%
Viscosity 8000-12000mPa.s
Cas No 9003-20-7
EINECS NO 203-545-4
APPEARANCE Milky white sticky emulsion
FEATURES Water-based and non-toxic
SUPPLIER ABILITY 30tons per month
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